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GLOSSIKA NEWS Apr 18: Chinese Basic 3 released
[Apr 18] Chinese Basic 3 released.
[Apr 17] Critical update to English and Chinese Basic 2 and 3.
[Apr 8] Our Korean Basic 1 Series is now complete and online.
[Apr 4] It’s Tomb Sweeping Day, download our new Expression-level story for free.
[Apr 3] Our Portuguese Basic 1 Series is now complete and online.
[Mar 28] We’re accepting applications to cooperate with Glossika in developing new languages. We’re also accepting new book proposals.
[Mar 26] Change in Product Releases:
From now on, Glossika will sell GMS digital books and audio files separately. GMS is still available for a short time as a bundled product.
[Mar 26] End of March Product Release:
We’re getting ready to launch many new audio training products to and from the following 7 languages (to be rolled out over a period of 4 weeks with books following the audio releases):
Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Saisiyat, Swedish, Thai
[Mar 25] Audio for Business 1 GSR has been updated.
[Mar 25] All Glossika publication cover designs are getting a new upgrade showing series, level, and language pair on the covers.

Current Releases


Definition of Fluency is not what you think it is
Learning a language is a lot of hard work. It requires stamina and endurance to really appreciate results. I’m not going to lie to you and say we have a miracle solution that will make you fluent in a short period of time, however I’ve worked really hard to develop a large amount of practical material that is easy to access and easy to practice. Bottom line is: practice daily. You can start by adjusting your definition of what fluency is. Think about the root of the word ‘fluency’. It does not contain expression—the ability to talk about everything. It means flowing. It means speaking with one breath in a flowing stream, like a musical phrase. GLOSSIKA‘s definition of fluency is simple and it’s much easier to attain than what you assume: speaking full sentences in one breath. Once you achieve fluency, then we work with you on expanding your expression and vocabulary to all areas of language competency. We have published a number of products (below) in available in 4 formats that allow you to work on your own, however our services for Chinese cover our three levels of language ability (roughly equivalent to the European A-B-C levels): Intro (Pronunciation) A1 > Fluency A1~B1~B2 > Expression C1~C2.
Systematic Progress
Glossika delivers an efficient foreign language learning method to people who want to acquire a new language. Mike Campbell, our founder, developed this logical method keeping in mind Spaced Repetition, Collocations, Acquisition from the natural speaking environment, and he calls it the Glossika Mass Sentence Method.
Pronunciation Training
To achieve fluency, your tongue needs to learn the “dance” of a new language. Training in pronunciation and in how words connect together in natural discourse will allow you to sound like a natural and fluent speaker. With this strong foundation, your ear will also be better attuned to pick up the nuances of native speakers. And a fluent sounding voice is achievable in weeks, not years!
GMS Glossika Mass Sentences
Glossika provides complete language training for you.
Glossika Mass Sentence (GMS) recordings record each of our product’s 1000 sentences in linear format and come in 3 file formats: A) native language – target language – target language (ideal for comprehensible input), B) native language – blank space – target language (ideal for interpretation training), and C) just target language (ideal for dictation or for improving comprehension without translation).
Teachers and books love explaining languages with a lot of grammatical or linguistic terminology. Although such an analytical approach is great for expanding our knowledge of the inner workings of a language, it doesn’t help the majority of learners get closer to fluency. GLOSSIKA trains you in listening and speaking via mass input of comprehensible sentences in order to build your fluency.
Your brain can build up a whole foreign language structure through systematic and intelligible input of a mass amount of sentences. You don’t need to remember or analyze any grammatical or linguistic terminology. In fact, you’ll just get used to the “right” way of saying things. All of our publications that feature the GMS Method include professional audio training (bilingual), e-books, and high-quality printed books. Schedule and strategies for completing the material are included. You choose when and where you want to practice.
GSR Glossika Spaced Repetition
Too lazy to open a book? Not enough time to organize your studying? Can’t keep with a schedule? GSR is the best option for those busy, lazy, unmotivated people, or busy parents, or kids with too much homework! If GMS proves to be too challenging to keep up with the schedule, then GSR is your answer.
HOW GSR WORKS:The GSR sound files are arranged in an easy-to-follow 100-day format. In just less than 20 minutes a day, each recording gives you 180 reps which include 10 new sentences for today’s material (50 reps), and review of 40 sentences from the previous four days (130 reps). By taking advantage of your sleep cycles, the sentences reappear at a frequency made to allow you to really master them, even if you didn’t get them the first, second, or third time. More information…
Polyglot Memory Mapping Techniques
A lot of memory experts claim that making outrageous stories about… More…
Download Issues
GLOSSIKA MP3 packages are very large (up to 2GB in zip format). Currently all available options through our shopping cart will time-out as it is not designed to deal with downloads over 100MB. This means currently we need to manually send you a download link until we find a technician that can find a workaround solution. We are sending these out to every successful order in our backend system, usually within 24 hours. If you are in a rush, please respond to the email you received that includes your order details. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

I just got done with GSR. Amazing. What I wanted from my tutor, was actually what no tutor had the patience to sit down and do with me. But for less than the cost of one hour with a tutor, GSR has easily eliminated all the hassles of a tutor and got me all the training I need in just 15 minutes a day, in effect giving me 18000 reps over 100 days that no tutor would have the patience to do. My ability to express myself has literally shot through the roof.

Bruce D

Chinese Fluency Series

Your tone pronunciation manuals are brilliant. I always wonder why no one (that I know of) has produced something like this before.

Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz

Korean Fluency Series

Russian Fluency Series

Portuguese Fluency Series


Alexander Chang

Awesome Service

Personal Assistant

Glossika provides a personal assistant to track your learning progress and performance and to help you adjust your learning schedule.

Performance Evaluation

How do you know whether you’ve achieved fluency or not? We provide online testing to evaluate how well you’re doing and what else you need to work on.

Recording Feedback

Recording your voice is an important part of training. Upload your recordings, and a trainer will provide you with feedback and recommendations.

Foreign Language Resources

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