Achieve Fluency with Glossika’s Audio Spaced-Repetition Training for High-Beginners

Glossika is the most robust syntactic-based spaced repetition audio training supplement on the market.
Pronunciation and Syntax in a Sentence Method vs. Rote Vocabulary / Grammar Memorisation: The Advantages Explained

Speak a New Language This Year with Glossika

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Endless Possibilities: The Perfect Supplement to Serious Study

Glossika’s powerful Spaced Repetition (GSR) training along with beautifully laid-out books let you communicate creatively in any language you desire. This simple yet powerful syntactic training allows you to start communicating right away.

Sample Sentences and Sound Files Now Available for Each Language

Free Updates & Support: All the Way to Fluency.

Our #1 priority is you. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your effort and time devotion as much as you do, which is why we’ve designed a product that increases efficiency and saves your time. In addition, Glossika constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us. Join our User’s Discussion on Facebook now!
Glossika Fans: 10,000+
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Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Results

Glossika delivers one-of-a-kind audio training available nowhere else: Comprehensible Input x Spaced Repetition x Substitution Drills x Transformation Drills, all exactly how native speakers express themselves. No endless clicking on boring software pictures necessary. Seriously Hands-Free! No clicking on SRS software to determine if you’ve learned a sentence because we’ve made this obsolete. If you haven’t learned a sentence yet, don’t fret! Let your mind loose and it will all come together with the more sentences you do. Audio features include: Colloquial Style (no rigid formalities so you can start talking with friends right away), Accurate Translations (bilingual comprehensible input audio all throughout, translated for expression as a native speaks, not word for word). We listen to our users and the language learning community. Glossika is built upon some of the most outstanding talent within the polyglot and language learning community.

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Bilingual Audio Training (GMS-A)

  • Comprehensible Input Audio (GMS-A)

  • Interpretation Audio Training (GMS-B)

  • Target Language Audio Training (GMS-C)

  • Spaced Repetition Audio Training (GSR): 18 reps per sentence spread out over 5 days

  • Built-In Review: Never Forget (GSR)

  • Recordings by Native Speakers

  • Colloquial Pronunciation

  • Real-Life Normal Speed, Not Slow Classroom Speed

  • Over 100 Hours of Audio Training per Package
    (Glossika Mandarin = 117hrs,
    Pimsleur Mandarin 1-4 = 64hrs)

  • Syntactically Ordered Sentences

  • Modern Vocabulary (Cellphones, Computers)

  • Transformation, Substitution, Expansion Drills

  • Formalities Used Only When Necessary

  • Polyglot’s Tips to Learning Multiple Languages

  • How Much Sentence Training Necessary for Fluency Described

  • Sleep Patterns and Memory, How to Create Anchors

  • Affordable.
    Glossika Mandarin = $85,
    Pimsleur Mandarin MP3 = $450, CD = $970

  • 1000 Sentences Per Book: Fluency 1-3 has total of 4150 Sentences due to Mini-Conversations)
    (Glossika Mandarin = 1170pp professionally bound typeset books,
    Pimsleur Mandarin only has “notes” = 120 conversations of ~20 sentences each)

  • Localized Weights, Measurements, Currencies! (US$1 = NT$30) to help you transition to how locals speak.

  • Numbers spelled out: to help you pronounce them correctly.

  • Sentence-Level Pronunciation (Intonation + Prosody)

  • Vocabulary Mastered in Context (Collocations)

  • Grammar Mastered Naturally Through Syntax and Phrases

  • How to Reach Fluency Through Syntactic Training

  • How to Master Expression Through Extensive / Intensive Reading

  • We cover regional languages and dialects! Icelandic / Catalan / Belarusian / Ukrainian / Estonian

  • Many more regional languages to come such as Hakka, Atayal, Saisiyat, Amis, Kurdish, Dari, Wenzhou, Lao

Beautifully Embedded Layouts: All the Data At Your Fingertips

Each sentence on each page of our books shows you all the necessary data you need to quickly understand (comprehensible input), decreasing your reliance on dictionaries (time savings), and get started speaking right away.

Tons of Linguistic Data Included

Glossika is serious when it comes to linguistic data! We’re managed by a polyglot, consulted by 4 other polyglots and 5 linguists (3 with Ph.D’s).
We don’t want to disappoint so we have loaded our books with lots of technical features that you won’t find anywhere else: Multiple Scripts (all native scripts + romanization), Colloquial Style (no rigid formalities so you can start talking with friends right away), In-Line gloss to help acquire syntax, International Phonetic Alphabet (narrow transcriptions that show exactly how natives speak, 1st ever on the market!).

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Technical Feature Warning: This Data is Not for the Light-Hearted!

    • All Words Mark Accent and/or Tone

    • Male and Female Speech Clearly Marked (Russian: Вчерá я ♂упáл и удáрил (♀упáла и удáрила) нóгу.)

    • All Native Scripts / Orthographies Embedded (e.g. 會+会, Taiwanese: 較佮意蹛佇)

    • Romanizations (Pinyin for Chinese Languages)
      Mandarin: (Zuó)(tiān)()(shuāi)(dǎo)(jiǎo)(shòu)(shāng)(le)
      Taiwanese: 昨昏(za̋ng↗)(gguà↑)(xiak↑)(dë̀)(kā→)(xiu↓-)(xiōng)(ah↓)
      台羅 spelling: 昨昏(tsâng)(guá)(siak)()(kha)(siū)(siong)(ah)。)

    • Syllable splitting to ease learning (Thai, Khmer: เล่น เทนนิส เก่ง, លេង តែនីស ខ្លាំងណាស់)

    • Our books are excellent as a language resource for language teachers, language professors, high school students, college students, casual learners, linguistics students, and field method trainees.

    • Tailor-Made Triangulation Polyglot Packages: Need GMS files to include Korean>Chinese>Taiwanese>Thai? Just email us and we'll make it!

    • Word Joining (Vietnamese, Taiwanese: sắctộc, uî-hām)

    • Chinese Characters Included for Sinoxenic Languages:
      Korean 한자: 너 대학교大學校 교육教育을 통해 무엇을 얻었어?
      Japanese カンジ: わたし最近さいきんとてもつかれっぽくなった。
      Vietnamese chữ𡨸nôm: Tôi() sẽ(𠱊) không() đi(𠫾) nếutrời(𡀮 𡗶) không() tạnhmưa(𩄳 𩅹).

    • Professional International Phonetic Alphabet Transcriptions:
      Chinese: [ʦ⁼ʷó tʰʲɛ̄n wɔ̌ ʂʷāʲ t⁼ǎʷ | ʨ⁼ʲǎʷ ʂòʷ ʂāŋ lɤ•]
      Thai: [mɯːa˥˩ waːn˧ lom˦ lɛːw˦ tɕep˨ kʰaː˩˥]
      Russian: [fʨʲɪ'ra ʲa ʊ'paɫ ʲɪ ʊ'darʲɪɫ (ʊ'palə ʲɪ ʊ'darʲɪlə) 'nɔɡʊ])

    • Allophonic IPA Shows Actual Speech (e.g. Taiwanese tone sandhi (includes 9th tone): [ʦ⁼aŋ꜓꜒ ɡʷa꜒꜒ ɕʲak̚꜒ t⁼ə˥˧ | kʰa꜔꜔ ɕʲu꜕꜖ ɕʲɔŋ˥˥ aʔ꜖꜖ ||])

    • In-Line Gloss Available (Fluency 1)
      Thai: เรา กับ พี่ชาย เล่น เทนนิส เก่ง
      1st-Pron with/and elder-brother play tennis skilled

    • Includes Vowels (+ تَشْكِيل) (Arabic and Persian:
      دیْروزْ اُفْتادَمْ و پامْ آسیْبْ دیْدْ.)

    • Colloquial Style:
      Korean: 어제 나 넘어져서 다리 다쳤어.
      Armenian: Ես էրէգ ընգա ու ոտս վնասեցի:

New Language Release Progress Report (FEB 22)

UKR Ukrainian (Українська) Released 100%
PL Polish (polski) Released 100%
HAK Hakka (客家話) Released 100%
YUE Cantonese (粵語) Checking Dictionary/Rom/IPA 100%
HY Armenian (հայերեն) Fixing Layout Issues 98%
CS Czech (Čeština) Business Intro Final Check for Release 95%
VNN Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt – Bắc) Text/Chữnôm/IPA/Dictionary in Preparation 85%
KA Georgian (ქართული) Preparing Dictionary/IPA 80%
JA Japanese (日本語) Post-Production 70%
NL Dutch (nederlands) Recording 55%
WUW Wenzhou (溫州話) Recording, Preparing Dictionary 40%
LAV Latvian (Latviešu) Recording 35%
NEP Nepali (नेपाली) Recording 35%
العربية AR Modern Standard Arabic Recording, IPA done 35%
فارسی FA Persian Recording, Text Editing 30%
MAL Malayalam (മലയാളം) Recording 30%
مصرى ARE Arabic – Egyptian Recording, IPA done 30%
BUL Bulgarian (Български) Recording 30%
CEB Cebuano (binisaya) Recording 30%
HI Hindi (हिन्दी) Translating 30%
ILO Ilokano (ilokano) Recording 30%
IN Indonesian Tagging 30%
KK Kazakh Translating 30%
PT European Portugese Translating 30%
SW Swahili Recording 30%
TGL Tagalog (tagalog) Recording 30%
TR Turkish (Türkçe) Recording 30%
ئۇيغۇر UG Uyghur Recording 30%
UZ Uzbek Recording 30%
السورية ARY Syrian Arabic Translating 25%
CS Czech (Čeština) Translating 25%
ESM Mexican Spanish Translating 25%
LO Lao Translating 25%
MK Macedonian Translating 25%
MS Malay (bahasa melayu) Translating 25%
SRP Serbian (srpski) Translating 25%
BNN Bunun (Malas Bunun) Translating 20%
KUR Kurmanji Translating 20%
سۆرانی KUS Sorani Translating 20%
KY Kyrgyz (Кыргызча) Translating 20%
LIT Lithuanian (Lietuvių) Translating 20%
SK Slovak Translating 20%
TAM Tamil Translating 20%
XSY Saisiyat (malnoSaiSiyat) Translating 20%

World’s #1 Polyglot Stamp of Approval

“I love it! …seriously. I think what I love about the whole Glossika system is that you have basically put into a concentrated pill what I would have normally done with hundreds of books myself. The first thing I do is buy as many books and samples of language as I can, then analyse, collate, look for patterns, transformation exercises, shadowing, replacement exercises etc. You have done all of that with REAL language – not the stuff you usually get in most language learning courses. Of course – it should be used along with as many other learning resources as you can get. Your product allows a lot of what would have been done on the field before to be done off the field – and better prepare you for the field.” -Stu Jay Raj (speaks multiple languages from 6 different language families)

Stu Jay Raj Stamp of Approval

Note: We provide beautifully bound books. Stu Jay’s copy is his own print-out of the PDF version.

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