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Supplement your language learning with Glossika’s speaking/listening audio training.

The Mass Sentence Sentence Method vs. Rote Vocabulary & Grammar: The Advantages Explained

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No Memorizing Grammar or Vocabulary — Just Follow the Patterns

Includes PDF + Audio
1000+ pages & 120+ hours
120+ hours
includes intensive GMS & relaxed GSR
2000+ Mini Conversations
POD Versions Available
Can Be Tailor-Made

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Custom Order Triangulation Packages (up to 5 languages in a single package)

Beautifully Embedded Layouts: All the Data At Your Fingertips

Each sentence on each page of our books shows you all the necessary data you need to quickly understand (comprehensible input), decreasing your reliance on dictionaries (time savings), and get started speaking right away.

Incredible Features and Easy-to-Use Tools

Glossika is run and managed by polyglots and linguists.
Features you won’t find anywhere else: Multiple Scripts * Real Spoken Language * Phonetic Pronunciation Guides

Glossika delivers one-of-a-kind audio training available nowhere else:
Comprehensible Input * Spaced Repetition * Substitution Drills * Transformation Drills
Hands-Free, No-Clicking! Our SRS audio is timed to re-occur when you forget.
Glossika is built upon some of the most outstanding talent within the polyglot and language learning community.

  • Bilingual Audio Training (GMS-A)

  • Comprehensible Input Audio (GMS-A)

  • Interpretation Audio Training (GMS-B)

  • Target Language Audio Training (GMS-C)

  • Spaced Repetition Audio Training (GSR): 18 reps per sentence spread out over many days

  • Built-In Review: Never Forget (GSR)

  • Recordings by Native Speakers

  • Colloquial Pronunciation

  • Real-Life Normal Speed, Not Slow Classroom Speed

  • Over 100 Hours of Audio Training per Package
    (Glossika Mandarin = 250hrs,
    Pimsleur Mandarin 1-4 = 64hrs)

  • Syntactically Ordered Sentences

  • Modern Vocabulary (Cellphones, Computers)

  • Transformation, Substitution, Expansion Drills

  • Formalities Used Only When Necessary

  • Polyglot’s Tips to Learning Multiple Languages

  • How Much Sentence Training Necessary for Fluency Described

  • Sleep Patterns and Memory, How to Create Anchors

  • Affordable:
    Glossika Mandarin = $85,
    Pimsleur Mandarin MP3 = $450, CD = $970

  • 1000 Sentences Per Book: Fluency 1-3 has over 2000 Mini-Conversations
    Books have 1000+pp
    20x More Content than Pimsleur or RS

  • Localized Weights, Measurements, Currencies! (US$1 = NT$30) to help you transition to how locals speak.

  • Numbers spelled out: to help you pronounce them correctly.

  • Sentence-Level Pronunciation (Intonation + Prosody)

  • Vocabulary Mastered in Context (Collocations)

  • Grammar Mastered Naturally Through Syntax and Phrases

  • How to Reach Fluency Through Syntactic Training

  • How to Master Expression Through Extensive / Intensive Reading

  • We cover regional languages and dialects! Icelandic / Catalan / Belarusian / Ukrainian / Estonian

  • Many regional languages offered such as Shanghainese, Hakka, Belarusian, Kurdish, Thao

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“Brilliant resources! I’ve made more progress in a couple of weeks that I had done in the last couple of years!”
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